Infinity Crusade Server

O valor especificado no pag seguro é para pacote com char full 17

Terms of donation Lineage
By sending a donation to Lineage, you agree that not entitled to receive anything from us, however, a reward will be given to those who give as a thank you for your continued support. This form of donation and completely voluntary, as explained above, and and used to improve our server.

By making a donation you agree to the terms presented in the following declarations:

01. You will not attempt to recover your donation opening dispute.

02. You understand that this is a voluntary donation and it is not refundable or arguably at any time or for any reason.

03. Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of their account from our server.

04. Being a donor does not give you any of privilege. You will be threat just like any other player.

05. If your items in response to a donation were stolen / lost / misplaced / disappeared / among others, will be not responsible for his recovery.

06. If you do not agree to these terms, do not send us a donation. When you send a donation, you agree with this agreement.

Disputes in payment sites, attempts to chargeback or fraudulent attitudes, will be not tolerated. In such cases we will block their accounts and computers until the condition is evaluated and resolved, the lock may be permanent depending on the event.
I accept the Terms and Conditions
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